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Breakfast: Notable names taken 214th in NFL Draft


The professional football teams in Houston have reaped quite a bit of success with pick 214.

With one of their eight picks, the Texans are selecting 214th overall in this year's draft. On Friday we pointed out some notable names that were chosen 222nd overall. That's where the Texans' 7th-rounder is situated and today we're focusing on their compensatory selection in the 6th round.

At the tippy-top of the list is Pro Football Hall of Famer Ken Houston, who the Oilers nabbed in the 9th round at 214th overall. He would spent the next 14 years--the final eight of them in Washington--snaring 49 career interceptions and patrolling the secondary at safety.

The Oilers also found a Pro Bowl safety in 1993 when they picked Blaine Bishop in the 8th round at 214th overall. He was in the league for 10 years with the Oilers, Titans and Eagles.

Closer to home, the Texans found a starting right tackle in Derek Newton when they picked him in the 7th round at 214th.

Below is a list of other notable 214th overall picks.

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