Breakfast: O'Brien 10 on 10


It was a banner year for wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. The 2013 first rounder was sterling in 2014, leading the Texans in receiving yards with 1,210. He pulled in 76 catches and averaged 15.9 yards per, with six of those receptions resulting in scores.

On Thursday at Lucas Oil Stadium, Bill O'Brien was asked about Hopkins' breakout season. The head coach then peeled off 10 reasons Number 10 was successful this autumn.

  1. "Hop has an excellent playing strength."
  1. "He's got very strong hands."
  1. "No matter where you put the ball, if it's in the vicinity, he's going to be able to make a contested catch. He's going to go up and make the catch."
  1. "He's an instinctive player."
  1. "He's a smart player."
  1. "We moved him a round a lot."
  1. "When we first got to Houston, I think the system was hard for a lot of those guys because it was just different. It was just a different system. He stayed with it. He stuck with it."
  1. "He really worked hard to learn his position, and then we were able to move him around."
  1. "We really enjoyed coaching Hop"
  1. "and we think he's got obviously a great future for us."

GM Rick Smith, head coach Bill O'Brien and numerous NFL hopefuls met with the media Thursday at the Combine.


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