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Breakfast: O'Brien, Del Rio talk Mexico City




The Texans and Raiders square off in Mexico City on November 21.

For Bill O'Brien, the trip south is a great opportunity.

"I'm excited about that," O'Brien said on Thursday at the combine. "The big goal there is to try to go down there and win the game, but I think it's a great opportunity for our organization to be on Monday Night Football in Mexico City."

Jack Del Rio, head coach of the Raiders, said he hasn't put too much thought into the experience.

"Getting there," Del Rio said. "Yeah, we're looking at it. We know we'll be there in November."

Del Rio joked that he knows "un poquito" amount of Spanish, and acknowledged that after the game is over, he'll think more about playing in Azteca Stadium.

"I think when I take a step back, then I reflect on that type of stuff," Del Rio said.

O'Brien enjoyed his other trip abroad with an NFL franchise, when he and the Patriots beat the Buccaneers in London during the 2009 season.

"I thought that was a great experience for that team and I think it'll be a similar experience going to Mexico City to play Oakland," O'Brien said. "We're playing a great team with a great coaching staff led by Jack Del Rio and a tough team, so the whole deal there is about playing Oakland and not necessarily being in Mexico City to go for tours and things like that."

The contest against the Raiders will be the first Monday Night Football game played on foreign soil. It's also the Texans' first time to play outside of the United States of America.


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