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Breakfast: Officer first, cancer second


The Houston Texans and Papa John's Houston partnered together to surprise Houston Police Officer Norbert Ramon for a very special reason.

Just like most men and women in blue, Officer Ramon tackled Hurricane Harvey head-on to help the city of Houston, but all while battling his own struggle: stage-four colon cancer.

"He gave it his all," said President of Papa John's Houston Keith Sullins. "He came out and worked all through the hurricane, saving folks."

Around Hurricane Harvey, Ramon was scheduled to receive chemo, but since his platelets were too low, the hospital sent him back home for safety purposes.

That just gave him an opportunity to help others.

"It's good and bad," explained Ramon. "Good for me because not being on chemo, my strength was up. Bad because my platelets were so low. If I got a cut or infection, it could have been bad."

Instead of being discouraged by the potential of a cut or infection, Ramon focused on his strength and knew he wanted nothing but to go help the city of Houston.

"When Harvey hit, my strength was up, but it dawned on me not to get cut or anything – it was all just go during the storm," he said.

According to Ramon's wife, Cindy, if her husband was worried about getting infected, he didn't show it.

"Being in the water was that much more dangerous, but he didn't even blink twice," she said. "That's just who he is. Officer first, cancer second."

To thank him for such a sacrifice, the Texans and Papa John's Houston surprised Officer Ramon with a custom Texans jersey along with two Super Bowl 52 tickets.

"He told us he wasn't even doing anything for the Super Bowl, and we said 'oh yes, you are,'" Sullins said. "They're going to the Super Bowl, flying out on United, staying at a wonderful hotel – all to appreciate everything he's done."

For Cindy, this experience will be much more than 'just a trip.'

"This will be a nice get-away for both of us," Ramon said of her and her husband's upcoming excursion. "This is the first time we are getting away on a vacation. Every time we've been gone for several days, it's been for doctor's visits."

To top off the surprise, Officer Ramon received a special message from J.J. Watt.

"I'd like to thank J.J. Watt for his personal message," Officer Ramon said. "That really touched me. Thank you so much. I'm speechless."

Thank you to Papa John's Houston for helping the Texans accomplish such a well-deserved surprise.

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