Breakfast: On to Indianapolis


"Short-term memory," DeAndre Hopkins said.

It may be the best medicine this week as the team heads into a short week with a Thursday night game against Indianapolis.

The Texans fell 48-21 in Sunday's loss to Atlanta, trailing by as many as 42 points and committing four turnovers.

"People look at it differently," Vince Wilfork said. "I think this week, it would probably be the best thing for us to actually get back home and play a Thursday night game.  It's probably a good thing for this football team this week."

They all need to look themselves in the mirror and decide quickly what they want to be, Wilfork added. The short week doesn't leave them much time to face a Colts team that they haven't beaten since Dec. 16, 2012.

Head coach Bill O'Brien, who shouldered the blame for loss, will meet with the team Monday as they begin preparation for their first AFC South matchup of 2015.

"We got to put it behind us," O'Brien said. "We've got a team meeting tomorrow at 2. We've got to move onto a very difficult Indianapolis team."

The Texans host the Colts on Thursday night in their first AFC South matchup of the season.

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