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Breakfast: Only 1 Texan has played in Mexico City


Shane Lechler knows.

53 Raiders and 52 Texans don't know.

The Houston punter knows about playing in Mexico City.

On August 27, 2001, Lechler punted for the Raiders in a preseason matchup against the Dallas Cowboys.

In a conference call with the Oakland media, Lechler took a stroll down memory lane.

"That was 17 years ago, man," Lechler said. "I was trying to make the team at the time. I really don't remember too much about it."

The Raiders lost that evening by a 21-6 margin. But those squads headed in vastly different directions during the regular season. The Raiders won 10 games and the AFC West, while the Cowboys floundered to a 5-11 finish.

Jon Gruden, who will handle the color commentator duties tonight for ESPN, was Lechler's head coach. Names like Tim Brown, Jerry Rice and Eric Metcalf were on the same Estadio Azteca sideline that night with Lechler. Across the field were the likes of Emmitt Smith, Quincy Carter and Dat Nguyen.

Lechler boomed a trio of punts in the game, for a gross average of 52 yards. He explained how the altitude may, or may not, have a role in how far his punts traveled.

"In Denver, I can see anywhere from six to seven yards difference in ball carry, just over my past experience there," Lechler said. "I know the altitude here in Mexico City is going to be little higher, but you still have to hit a good ball. It's not like every single time it's going to be a huge difference. You still have to hit a solid ball and just go in there and not over kick."

Lechler is averaging 48.2 yards per punt this season.


Cientos de fans viajaron a la Ciudad de México y se reunieron en el Ángel de la Independencia.

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