Breakfast: Peters, Simon visit Burnett Elementary


Eating right is like fueling a car, says Texans linebacker Brian Peters.

A car won't function properly if you don't give it the proper fuel. Similarly, neither will the human body. Just like a car needs the right gas, we need the proper food to keep us energized and healthy.

"Part of being active is putting the right food in your body," Peters said. "Fruits, veggies, and meat filled with protein. That's how you get like John and I. Big, strong and fast."

That was only part of the theme presented by Peters and fellow linebacker John Simon Tuesday morning at Burnett Elementary, one of four local schools awarded a $10,000 PLAY 60 grant from the Texans last fall to help purchase equipment necessary to get kids moving for 60 minutes a day to help reverse the trend of childhood obesity.

Texans linebackers Brian Peters and John Simon visited Burnett Elementary, one of four local schools awarded a $10,000 PLAY 60 grant from the Texans last fall.

Simon stressed that not only is it important to be active and eat right, but it's equally important to be a good person, listen to your parents and have high character.

"It's not just about wellness," Simon said. "It's also about being a respected person in the community, and that's what we are trying to teach them."

The linebackers helped lead students through PLAY 60 drills utilizing equipment purchased as part of the grant, including throwing footballs through a target, running routes and catching passes.

It's easy these days for kids to sit inside and keep busy with electronics, but Peters knows how critical it is to avoid that temptation.

"I have some younger cousins, so to get out and moving is kind of a priority for me," Peters said. "We didn't have as many distractions when we were kids. It's a different generation, but sports and movement are critical to being a kid and being outside."

To conclude the event, Peters and Simon ran through Burnett Elementary's halls, high-fiving hundreds of cheering students.

"It's still a surreal, cool feeling," Peters said. "Your presence, to have that excitement for somebody, I try and soak it up as much as I can."

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