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Breakfast: Say cheese! Media days recap

Say cheese! It's that time of year again, where Texans players get all dressed up and pose for the camera. Or more accurately, lots of cameras.

For fans that watch the Texans play on TV every Sunday, what you may not realize is that a lot of leg work is done before the ball is ever hiked here at NRG Stadium. All the headshots you see, the introduction videos you watch and the lineups they show are recorded ahead of time. That's what yesterday (and today) are about. The networks (NBC, ESPN, CBS, etc.) all set up here at the stadium, and Texans players rotate to each station to take all the photos and videos that they need for the season's TV broadcast.

In addition to outside media, Texans internal productions have a set as well, where they get footage for all the video that runs here at NRG Stadium during the game. It is quite the schedule and involves a ton preparation by multiple departments within the organization. From a social perspective, we just chronicle it all, roaming around and trying to give you a behind-the-scenes look at what it's like for our players to participate in this media wringer. Below are a collection of posts from our Instagram and Twitter accounts, which gives you a peek at what the day was like.

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