Breakfast: Something's gotta give




It's 31 hosting 32.

The Texans are the home team tonight against the Colts, and they're also next-to-last in the NFL at turnover differential.

But the Colts are worse in that category.

At minus-9, Indianapolis has averaged four turnovers per game, and they've managed just three takeaways on the season.

The Texans are at minus-6, with eight turnovers and two takeaways in 2015.

It's a stark contrast from 2014, when Houston led the NFL with 34 takeaways, and was tied for second in the League with a turnover differential of plus-12. Indianapolis played in the AFC TItle game last season, which is notable, because they were 22nd in the NFL with a minus-5 differential.

The Texans have attributed their struggles this season in the turnovver differential department, in part, to bad luck.

"We've gotten our hands on a couple balls, but last year when we got our hands on the ball, it resulted in turnovers for us," defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel said. "This year, we get our hands on the ball and we drop it, the offense comes back and they get to line up a play again."

In both games these two played against each other last season, the Colts and Texans committed two turnovers apiece, each time. The Colts won by 5 in Houston, and by 7 in Indianapolis.


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