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Breakfast: Stars in the Classroom


Roars of laughter and clinking of silverware tapping against plates filled the room as the honorees anxiously awaited for the ceremony to begin.

The Houston Texans alongside First Community Credit Union hosted a lunch banquet to honor a special group of teachers for their incredible work in the classroom.

"To see the excitement, to see the reward of years of teaching and the experience and the impact they've had on kids' lives is just tremendous," said Brian Cushing.

Each teacher honored was nominated by either a parent or one of their very own students, making the honor that much more rewarding.

"Teachers are huge," Cushing said. "They have such an incredible impact on our knowledge, our thoughts, our mindset and just everything growing up."

Stories ranged from these teachers helping some of their students become first-generation college students to making a class like math a more fun and understandable subject for those that had difficulties.

"I'm just very thankful for all that they do and the way they go about their lives and profession," Cushing said."

Know a teacher that deserves to be recognized by the Houston Texans and First Community Credit Union? Submit here!

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