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Breakfast: Texans connections with the 2017 Draft


The 2017 NFL Draft concluded on Saturday for the Texans and for 13 opponents on the 2017 schedule. Only 11 of those teams drafted in the first round, though, as the Rams and the Patriots did not have first round picks.

The Texans will face three first round picks, including the number one overall Myles Garrett, when the Browns come to town on October 15. Garrett, Michigan safety Jabrill Peppers and Miami tight end David Njoku should be foundation pieces for the Browns going forward and should play huge roles when they come to town.

Ten quarterbacks were selected in this draft, headlined by three first rounders, including the Texans own Deshaun Watson. Only three were selected by opponents on the Texans schedule - Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs), C.J. Beathard (49ers) and Josh Dobbs (Steelers). As such, it would be a long shot for any rookie quarterback to face the Texans in 2017.

Counting preseason games, the Texans will face 12 of the top 17 picks (minus Watson) during the 2017 campaign. The Jaguars, Colts and Titans accounted for four of those picks, while the Panthers and Saints (preseason opponents) accounted for two of them - Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey and Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore. In all, the Texans, discounting injuries and the like, will see 18 of 31 first round selections during the entire campaign.

Finally, the selection that had us all talking took place ten minutes prior to the end of the draft when the Steelers selected T.J. Watt from Wisconsin. The Steelers will play the Texans on Christmas Day in Houston which makes a brotherly reunion palatable, in some way, shape or form, during the holidays.

Check out photos of quarterback, wide receiver and tight end prospects from the 2017 NFL Combine.

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