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Breakfast: Texans Final Four brackets


It's March and that means brackets!! I mean, I love the NCAA tournament and all, but I think what I love so much about it is the bracket. So, I came up with some Texans related Final Four brackets. How would these play out in your world? Here's how you play - pick the 1 v. 4 matchup winner, pick the 2 v. 3 matchup winner, then pick the winner from the winners. That's your winner of the bracket. Got it? Good, let's roll.

Texans Greatest Moment

1) J.J. Watt Interception v. Bengals in playoff game in 2011

4) Billy Miller touchdown catch v. Dallas in 2002 - the first one

2) Andre Johnson touchdown catch v. Redskins in 2010
3) Kevin Walter game winning touchdown from T.J. Yates v. Cincinnati in 2011 to win AFC South

Texans Greatest Villain

1) Peyton Manning

4) Tom Brady

2) Courtland Finnegan
3) Dallas Cowboys

Favorite Moment From 2017

1) Deshaun Watson 51-yard rushing touchdown v. Cincinnati

4) Whitney Mercilus strip sack/Jadeveon Clowney fumble return touchdown v. New England.

2) DeAndre Hopkins TD catch v. Pittsburgh
3) David Quessenberry playing v. Pittsburgh on Christmas Day

Favorite J.J. Watt Play/Moment

1) Interception v. Bengals in 2011 playoff game

4) Fumble return for a touchdown v. Colts in 2014 on Thursday Night Football

2) Interception return v. Buffalo in 2014 80 yards for a touchdown
3) Touchdown reception v. Cleveland on fade route in 2014

Best DeAndre Hopkins Catch/Moment

1) Game-winner v. Cincinnati on Monday Night Football in 2015

4) Helmet catch v. Jacksonville in 2015

2) Touchdown catch v. Pittsburgh on Christmas Day 2017
3) One handed catch that didn't count v. New York Giants in 2014

Top Jadeveon Clowney Play/Moment

1) Interception v. Oakland in playoff game in 2016

4) Hit on Thomas Rawls in Seattle game in 2017

2) Fumble return for a touchdown against New England in 2017
3) Four TFL game at Minnesota in 2016

Top Deshaun Watson Play/Moment

1) Touchdown run v. Cincinnati

4) Scramble throw to D'Onta Foreman in 4th quarter v. New England

2) 59-yard bomb to Will Fuller in Seattle
3) Five passing/one rushing touchdown performance v. Tennessee in 57-14

Top Football Movie

1) The Blind Side

4) The Waterboy

2) Varsity Blues
3) Remember the Titans

Top Cereal

1) Cocoa Pebbles

4) Apple Jacks

2) Cap'n Crunch Berries
3) Frosted Flakes

Top College Basketball Team Since 1977

1) 1990 UNLV Runnin' Rebels

4) 2007 Florida Gators

2) 1992 Duke Blue Devils
3) 1996 Kentucky Wildcats

Best National Burger Joint

1) Whataburger

4) Shake Shack

2) In and Out
3) Five Guys

Okay, that should keep you busy the rest of the day. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful spring break (well, those of you that get one, of course).

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