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Breakfast: Texans Snapchat filters are here

In a survey of fans that came to NRG Stadium for a recent Texans matchup, we asked them, "What's the first thing you use our new XFINITY WiFi for?"

The most popular answer? Social media.

It makes total sense if you think about it. When you are at a special event, your first inclination, or at least for most people, is to share that moment with those you care about. Posting to social media has become our default action as we go through our daily lives, and Texans games are no different. So, as a way to further personalize your experience here at NRG Stadium, we figured we better give you a ton of social media options.

Last week in this space, we talked about the new Texans hashtag emojis that are available on Twitter. Back during Texans training camp, we had special Facebook profile frames for fans to use. So, what's the next step? Snapchat.

The visual texting-like app is becoming increasing popular, and now has 150 million daily users. Especially among younger people, this platform is becoming the first they use to chronicle their lives day to day. So, it only makes sense that we share in that experience as well.

Starting with last week's game, there are now three permanent Snapchat filters that will be available for fans when they come to Texans games. One, provided by the NFL, will have the score and game matchup that updates throughout the game. Two additional, provided by us, will be Texans branded, and allow fans to add a team feel to their snaps. Below are the two filters, which you can easily access on the property when you arrive. As with any other filter, you'll need to swipe on your screen until they pop up.

Happy snapping! And, if for some reason, you decide to share your snaps on Twitter, don't forget to use #WeAreTexans!

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