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Breakfast: #TexansCare Volunteer Day


A huge facet of the Houston Texans organization is to do great things for Houston, and one of the exciting opportunities we offer to support that goal is #TexansCare Volunteer Day.

This annual event being held this year on April 28 offers Texans fans the opportunity to volunteer around the city of Houston alongside the Texans Cheerleaders, TORO, Texans staff and of course - your favorite Houston Texans players.

This year, the Texans will be visiting the following organizations:

The Houston Texans YMCA
The YMCA of Greater Houston offers after school programs and takes pride in building strong kids, strong families and strong communities where values are always in play. Volunteers at the Houston Texans YMCA will participate in projects such as mulching, pressure washing, building structures and assembling kits for families affected by Hurricane Harvey. These projects will create a fresh look for the space where children learn, grow and assist in strengthening the community.

Excited about the Houston Texans YMCA? Register to volunteer at the Houston Texans YMCA for #TexansCare Volunteer Day here.

Houston Food Bank
Volunteers at the Houston Food Bank will help inspect, sort, pack and/or repackage food for distribution to Food Bank clients in the 18 counties that surround Houston. Volunteers are critical for the success of the fight against hunger producing 1 meal per minute at our facility, helping to distribute 79 million meals a year!

Excited about the Houston Food Bank? Register to volunteer at the Houston Food Bank for #TexansCare Volunteer Day here.

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Houston
The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston foster an environment where all youth can thrive, achieve and contribute to society. Volunteers at the Boys & Girls Club - Havard location will help with the upkeep of this facility. The projects for this site consist of repainting outdoor areas, landscaping, deep cleaning and repairing equipment. Completing these projects will provide the Boys & Girls Club with much-needed services and will encourage participation in club activities from area youth.

Excited about the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Houston? Register to volunteer at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Houston here.

Houston Zoo
Volunteers at the Houston Zoo will be working in the Children's Zoo and Houston Texans Enrichment Zone. Projects will include adding more substrate to the goat contact yard, rebuilding habitat mounts and building toys/enrichment for the animals. These efforts will lead to a healthier environment for the animals and a more aesthetically pleasing amenity for community members.

Excited about the Houston Zoo? Register to volunteer at the Houston Zoo here.

Santa Maria Hostel (Exclusive event for Battle Red Ladies)
Volunteers for the Santa Maria Hostel will help at the Jacquelyn House, a site that empowers women to lead healthy, successful, productive and self-fulfilling lives. Projects will include lanscaping, debris removal, clean up as well as painting and staining benches. All of these projects will help to provide a safer living environment for residents.

Excited about the Santa Maria Hostel? Register to volunteer at the Santa Maria Hostel here.

Avondale House
Avondale House provides individuals with autism the resources, education and training to develop to their full potential. Volunteers will be pressure washing, tree trimming and repainting outdoor areas. These beautification elements will help encourage Avondale House's vibrant community members.

Excited about the Avondale House? Register to volunteer at the Avondale House here.

The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army Pasadena Corps Community Center provides services to address the needs of the local community, including youth character-building and sports programs. Volunteers will be mulching flowerbeds and playground area, power washing sidewalks as well as re-painting rooms throughout the building. This will help create a greater environment in which local youth will succeed.

Excited about the Salvation Army? Register to volunteer at the Salvation Army here.

Learn more about #TexansCare Volunteer Day here.

When it comes to striving toward doing great things for Houston and creating memorable experiences, the Houston Texans organization passionately dives straight into the local Houston community.

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