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Breakfast: The "Hotline Bling" Catch


DeAndre Hopkins called Sunday's catch, where he pinned the ball against his helmet, instinctive.

His sister had a better name for it, after Drake's latest hit single.

"My little sister, she called it the 'Hotline Bling' because it was like I was using a cell, like when you use a cellphone, on my face," Hopkins said. "That was pretty funny I thought. I always joke with my little sister. She's my best friend."

Hopkins' helmet catch is still getting a lot of recognition from teammates too.

Brian Hoyer didn't see Hopkins catch it next to his helmet in the heat of the moment, but he definitely noticed the acrobatics of it when he saw the replay in stadium.

Later, when the players were watching film in the offensive team meeting, Arian Foster began clapping when he saw Hopkins' catch.

"He's like, 'you're going to pretend like that wasn't just like the most amazing catch you've seen?'" Hoyer recalled of Foster's reaction. "I mean it really is when you think about it."

Hopkins said he wanted to show the NFL referees that he had control of the ball. In order to do that, he pinned the ball next to his helmet to avoid having to put another hand on it and have it not count.

On Wednesday, Hopkins was named AFC Offensive Player of the Week following his performance against Jacksonville on Sunday. Hopkins finished the game with 10 receptions for 148 receiving yards (14.8 avg.) and two touchdowns in Houston's 31-20 victory. This is the first Player of the Week award for Hopkins in his career.

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