Breakfast: The penultimate Texans draft

Last week, I did an all-time NFL draft for my Breakfast with the Bulls (Texans selected HOFer CB/S/PR Rod Woodson) and figured I'd stay with some sort of draft theme for BWTB this week. So, let's stay closer to home with this one.

The Penultimate Texans Draft.

In a seven round draft, what's the Texans' best pick in each round in the draft in their history? Here's my answer.

"With their pick in the 1st round, the Houston Texans select…"DE JJ Watt, Wisconsin - selected 11th in the 2011 draft, Watt has been better than anyone ever anticipated. Ever. The Texans have crushed the first round over the years, but Watt has been the best player, the best value of any of them. I happened to find my scouting report from 2011, well before I started working for the Texans. I had him 13th on my big board which was much higher than most draftniks at the time. Luckily, he didn't get to 13.

Every time I saw Watt on tape, he stood out. Even when I went to watch another prospect, I found myself focused on what he was doing on the field. He claimed his redshirt year was huge to allow him to mature and mature he has for the Badgers. He's versatile and finds a way to make big plays during a game, from a number of different "positions" on the field. He'll be a solid starter for the next 10 to 12 years in the league, whether that's at 3-4 DE or 4-3 DE.

"With their pick in the 2nd round, the Houston Texans select…"

ILB DeMeco Ryans, Alabama - selected 33rd in the 2006 draft, Ryans was the 2006 Defensive Rookie of the Year, 2x Pro Bowler (2006, 2009) and the Ed Block Courage Award recipient in his last year with Houston 2011.

"With their pick in the 3rd round, the Houston Texans select…"

OT Eric Winston, Miami - this one was close between Winston, selected 66th in 2006, and current RG Brandon Brooks. In a year or two or when Brooks adds a Pro Bowl to his ledger, he'll overtake the longtime right tackle from Midland, TX. Winston was steady for years and a fixture on the right side.

**"With their pick in the 4th round, the Houston Texans select…"


RB Domanick Davis, LSU - selected 101st in 2003, Davis was the first true offensive star in Houston, drafted in the same 2003 draft as Andre Johnson. This was a truly difficult call between Davis and Daniels, but I'll go with Davis and his early years success with the Texans.

"With their pick in the 5th round, the Houston Texans select…"

QB T.J Yates, North Carolina - selected 152nd in the 2011 draft, Yates will forever be romantically linked to the 2011 season. His late game winning drive v. Cincinnati stands as one of the most memorable moments in this franchise's history. Then again, when Randy Bullock knocks home the game winner to lead the Texans to a playoff win or championship, he'll take over this spot. But, until then, it's Yates spot.

"With their pick in the 6th round, the Houston Texans select…"

RB Alfred Blue, LSU - selected 181st in the 2014 draft, Blue made an instant impact on offense, in the passing game and most importantly on special teams. He was selected with the pick obtained from Oakland in the Matt Schaub trade.

"With their pick in the 7th round, the Houston Texans select…"

OT Derek Newton, Arkansas State - selected 214th in the 2011 draft, Newton just inked a new deal with the Texans something very few 7th rounders throughout the NFL have ever been able to do.

And, of course, a draft isn't complete without signing some undrafted free agents. So, how about Arian Foster out of Tennessee? I don't have to explain that one, do I?

The Texans signed Derek Newton on Monday.

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