Breakfast: The special soundtrack of Monday Night Football


As the Texans readied for the viewing portion of practice on Thursday, Glenn Fife stood at the ready with the remote in his hand.

When the buzzer went off and it was time for stretching to begin, the unsung star of Hard Knocks didn't need Bill O'Brien to tell him to "CRANK IT" as he so famously did during this summer's NFL Films blockbuster series.

Once Glenn hits the button, the music coming from the speakers is often subject to a tough bunch of judges. When "Trophies" from Drake came on, there was a significant bounce in the steps of most of the Texans players. Then, when AC/DC or some 1980s band came on, there was a collective groan from the masses. DeAndre Hopkins gave it a thumbs down as the unofficial Simon Cowell on the offensive side of the ball.

But, one song has been played the past few days to start practice. It's not one laden with lyrics. It's not one that you'll hear on the radio or even TV currently.

Duh Duh Duh DUHHHHHHH...

I can still hear Howard Cosell's voice over the top of that song as he previewed the upcoming Monday Night Football matchup.

"And, he's (Ken Stabler) leading the Houston Oilers. Luv ya Blue is his motto. He led the Oilers last week against the Steelers. Though his team lost, he was very good indeed throwing to the likes of Billy 'White Shoes' Johnson. BUT NOW HE HAS THAT MAN AS A WEAPON, A WEAPON HE NEVER HAD IN OAKLAND...EARL CAMPBELL, NUMBER 34...and how he will use him.'s the Browns against the Oilers."

That Monday Night Football theme song is timeless and for many in my demographic, it strikes a chord in all of us each time it's played. I'm no music aficionado and my tastes are all over the board, much like a group of professional football players. However, when that song comes on, it instantly reminds me that it's time for football at night on a Monday.

Brian Hoyer broke into a rendition of the MNF theme during open locker room this week and even though it may not resonate with younger folks as much, if at all, it still carries a ton of weight during the Monday Night experience.

Music and football go hand in hand and former ABC sports producing icon Roone Arledge understood that more than most. He attempted to turn Monday night into a sporting experience unlike any other on ABC in the 1970s. That iconic theme song was one key piece to help him do just that.

Next Monday night, it won't be the Browns and the Oilers in Ohio, but as the Bengals and the Texans take the field, there'll be only one tune dancing in my head.

Crank it, Glenn!!

Duh Duh Duh DUHHHHHH...

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