Breakfast: The things you'll find


There are plenty of people that can relate to today's Breakfast. Many of you have gotten that call at some point from your parents…

"Hey, we're cleaning the house, come get all of your baseball and football cards and get them out of our house."

I know Drew Dougherty of Texans TV, and Texans Radio went through that situation a few months ago. Some of you are nodding your head having gotten that call as you became a free-standing, self-supported adult.

Well, my parents decided to return home, for them anyway. My mother retired in January after 43 years of teaching. My father had been retired for five or six years. So, they decided to pack up the house and move back to Marinette, WI, where I was born, to be around family and friends in retirement. Of course, after living in a house for 30 years, there's no telling what's in each closet and how long it's been there. My old bedroom closet in particular (no, there was NONE of that). So, after talking to a realtor and a house stager, my mom made THAT call.

"Hey, we're cleaning the house, come get all of your baseball and football cards and get them out of our house."

I had completely forgotten over the years how many boxes, containing hundreds of cards each, that I owned. I collected baseball and football cards from the early 1980s through the beginning of the 1990s. I must have had a dozen big boxes or more. So after delaying the inevitable for weeks, I finally went over to get them out of my parents' house. I stuck them in the back of my car and figured I'd take them out when I got around to it.

Well, I finally got around to it last Sunday, two months after I went and got them from my parents. Having no clue what was in the boxes, I needed to at least power through each box. I found stuff I had no idea I bought. 1987 baseball holograms? Topps. Donruss. Upper Deck. I even had hockey cards?!? What the....? Anyhow, I knew there were some gems in the boxes, but I had to find them.

I found baseball cards of guys I coached with years ago. I found a dozen or so cards of Andre Ware, our Texans game broadcast analyst. Alas, I didn't find any Marc Vandermeer cards, but I still have a few boxes to search so there's still hope to complete my Texans game broadcast set.

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But, my best find was mixed in a box of football cards. I had been at it for a couple of hours outside in 95 degree heat, so I was just launching stacks of cards near the end. But, in one box, there were about a dozen cards that were completely different than all the others in the box. Of course, I pulled those out. They were World League of American Football cards. I couldn't remember when I had ever purchased World League cards but I must have at some point 20 years ago. I had the trash can next to the car so I could just jettison any card I didn't want. I started flicking them into trash can like I was making it rain football cards and just as I was about to toss the last one in, I saw a name I recognized.

Pat O'Hara.

The new Texans offensive assistant had played in the World League for the Ohio Glory in 1992. In between practice squad stints with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the San Diego Chargers, O'Hara played for the Glory. Of about 12 cards, one pack, in boxes of thousands of cards, I found this one of O'Hara. I'm not sure what the odds were of finding his card months after his arrival in Houston, but I'm glad I found it mixed in with all of my Cory Snyder, Pat Listach and Bennie Blades cards.

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