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Houston Texans

Breakfast: Top 10 Texans on Instagram


Last week, we took a look at the top 10 most-followed Texans on Twitter.

This week, it's Instagram's turn.

Check out the top 10 Texans on Instagram below, ranked by follower count, and feel free to give them a follow by clicking on the players' number.

  1. DE J.J. Watt - 2,658,420 followers
  1. WR Braxton Miller - 533,686 followers
  1. QB Deshaun Watson - 403,858 followers
  1. WR DeAndre Hopkins - 315,925 followers
  1. DE Jadeveon Clowney - 254,626 followers
  1. LB Brian Cushing - 157,930 followers
  1. WR Will Fuller - 117,977 followers
  1. WR Jaelen Strong - 100,219 followers
  1. LT Duane Brown - 98,989 followers
  1. RB Lamar Miller - 83,522 followers
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