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Houston Texans

Breakfast: Top 5 videos of the first half


We are officially at the midway point. Eight games into the 2015 season, the Texans will take this week off, as the bye week perfectly splits the year. So, as we all step away from Texans football this Sunday, I figured it was a perfect time to recap what has been happening on

So, what are the top five most watched videos of the 2015 season up to this point? I'm glad you asked (well, technically I asked). The list below is strictly from website traffic numbers, which is broken down (for us) by desktop and mobile.

Here we go.

5. Brian Cushing Mic'd Up

4. Injury Update: O'Brien on Arian Foster

3. How Do You Distract J.J. Watt?

2. Pumped Up: Texans vs. Chiefs

1. J.J. Watt is...Batman

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