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Breakfast: Tuesday Pep Rally




It's Tuesday.

For an NFL player, during the regular season, it's a free day.

Many will still head into the stadium to get treatments for injuries of all types. Most will carve out time for some much-needed rest and relaxation. And a good chunk of players will take an hour or so to give back to the community.


Punter Shane Lechler is headed to the Brookwood Community today for an event that's become an annual smile-fest. He's the featured Texan at the Special Teams for Special Needs pep rally. It's sponsored by Mustang CAT, and Lechler will be the toast of the town there at Brookwood for a couple hours.

He'll mingle with the citizens there, who are adults with disabilities, and brighten their day. 

On Wednesday, Lechler and the Texans will get back to work on getting Win Number 1 of 2015, but Tuesday is a nice getaway and chance to make a positive dent in the Houston community.


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