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Breakfast: Ultimate J.J. Watt Charity Classic preview


J.J. Watt's Charity Classic softball game takes place on Saturday evening at Minute Maid Park. With the Astros off in Boston to take on the Red Sox, Watt and his Texans pals take over for a few hours, to the delight of fans throughout the Lone Star State and beyond.

Here are the rosters, if you haven't seen them.


Jeff Allen, Tony Bergstrom, Alfred Blue, Duane Brown, Ryan Griffin, DeAndre Hopkins, Lamar Miller, Derek Newton, Nick Novak, Brock Osweiler, David Quessenberry, Tom Savage, Cecil Shorts III, Jon Weeks, DeAndre Hopkins.


Jadeveon Clowney, Brian Cushing, Andre Hal, Charles James II, Kareem Jackson, Kevin Johnson, Johnathan Joseph, Shane Lechler, Whitney Mercilus, Eddie Pleasant, John Simon, J.J. Watt, Vince Wilfork.


Roger Clemens, Clyde Drexler, Jeff Bagwell, Tom Herman.

Like the actual Super Bowl, J.J.'s game comes up once a year. So, I thought about what everyone loves in conjunction with the Super, not Up With People halftime shows.

Prop bets.

I love prop bets, although I'd never put money on any of them. I'm either too risk aversive or not so rich and most of the time not in that order. But, I love to hear what Vegas comes up with each and every Super Bowl Sunday. So, I put my own spin on the J.J. Watt Charity Classic prop bets and came up with some of my own, highly un-serious props (ALL IN FUN, OF COURSE...and for reading purposes only, obviously).

Player most likely to make an over the wall catch:
DeAndre Hopkins 1 to 7
Shane Lechler 5 to 1
Andre Hal 10 to 1
Jon Weeks 25 to 1

Individual most likely to get into a heated "discussion" with an umpire:
Brian Cushing 2 to 1
Roger Clemens 3 to 1
Brock Osweiler 100 to 1

Best slugging percentage:
Brandon Weeden 2 to 1
Shane Lechler 3 to 1
Vince Wilfork 5 to 1
J.J. Watt 8 to 1

Most likely to lay out in the outfield for a catch:
John Simon 1 to 4
Everyone else 25000 to 1

Best with the glove in his hands:
Brandon Weeden 2 to 1
Shane Lechler 4 to 1
Tom Savage 10 to 1
J.J. Watt 12 to 1 (He does have a new glove, so he does have to show it off)

Longest ball hit/Most likely to reach the Crawford Boxes:
Jeff Bagwell 2 to 1
Brandon Weeden 5 to 1
Shane Lechler 5 to 1
J.J. Watt 7 to 1
Vince Wilfork 8 to 1

Most likely to break up a double play for the team:
J.J. Watt 1 to 10 (It is his game, no? He's not losing)
John Simon 3 to 1
Brian Cushing 4 to 1
David Quessenberry 5 to 1

Most likely to bunt for a base hit:
Lamar Miller 3 to 1 (He's the fastest one there, he should)
Kevin Johnson 5 to 1
Any OL 100 to 1
Brian Cushing 1000 to 1 (Bunting may violate Cushing dude code...just an educated hunch)

Player wearing the most accessories (wrist bands, elbow brace, jewelry, shiny cleats, loud socks), for lack of a better word:
Charles James II 1 to 2
Eddie Pleasant 10 to 1
Jon Weeks 100 to 1

So, that's just a little fun, and different way, of looking at Saturday night's contest. Without question, it's going to be a blast and J.J. and his foundation have made this a tremendous night of fun for Texans fans everywhere. Kudos to 99 for making this happen for his foundation and the city of Houston.

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