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Breakfast: Watching games during a bye


For players and coaches, bye week can be a time to catch up on rest, recover, spend time with family, and watch some football. 

Head coach Bill O'Brien discovers some of his very lessons in these games. The team practices a heavy dose of situational football once or twice during the regular season practice week. Many of those situations inspired from games that O'Brien has watched.

"You know what's amazing to me is every week so many different situations occur in games, and I just can't wait to get the tape of the games so I can go through and cut out all those situations and see how we would handle it as a coaching staff," O'Brien said on his Sept. 26 radio show. "I think it's very difficult because a lot of those situations you've never even seen before."

With the Texans heading into their Week 9 bye, O'Brien will be working, but he'll also make time for watching games with his son.
"I love football," O'Brien said Monday. "Michael is into the World Series right now. I saw on TV that Alabama is playing LSU. We aren't missing that game."

Check out photos of the game as the Texans took on the Lions at NRG Stadium.

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