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Breakfast: Watson's success helps Lamar Jackson


Louisville quarterback Lamar Jackson hopes he can adjust to playing in the NFL much like Deshaun Watson did last year with the Texans.

"We were going at it when we played each other," Jackson said at the NFL Combine. "We were going at it. I was like I have to get you. I feel I would be able to. He did a lot, coming in as a rookie. He learned a lot. And he got better. I feel like I can do the same thing."

Jackson won the 2016 Heisman Trophy, while Watson came in second but led Clemson to a national championship. According to NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock, Jackson is "perhaps the best athlete in this draft." Watson's record-breaking numbers in just seven games could also be a blueprint for teams looking to draft a mobile quarterback.

"You saw what Bill O'Brien did with DeShaun Watson," Mayock said. "He did an outstanding job of catering to DeShaun and making him comfortable last year. I think somebody is going to do that with Lamar. He's Michael Vick. He has as good a pair of legs as anybody in the history of the game. And he's going to win games with his legs."

At the NFL Combine last week, Jackson participated in on-field quarterback drills but declined to run the 40, opting to do so at his Pro Day. He is currently projected to be a first or second-round draft pick.

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