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Breakfast: Watt, Harden, Correa...and Lloyd


Back in 2013, there was a twitter exchange between Texans defensive end JJ Watt and Rockets star guard James Harden. The exact gist of the conversation had something to do with shooting in a gym late at night when everyone was sleeping was the key to getting ahead. It hit me then that the city of Houston was lucky, very lucky, as it pertained to having those two as the faces of their respective organizations.

After watching what that duo did in 2014/2015, I thought back to that conversation many times and it got me thinking. There aren't many professional sports cities that have a situation quite like this.

What other city has two transcendent talents, two near-MVP caliber talents, in the same town, at the same time?

San Francisco can boast of Steph Curry of the Warriors and catcher Buster Posey of the world champion Giants. That's not bad, but Posey doesn't carry the same weight, in some sense.

Boston has Tom Brady and I'm not sure who else to put in that conversation. Red Sox 2B Dustin Pedroia? Big Papi?

Cleveland has LeBron and LeBron. He's so good he needs to be mentioned twice.

Okay, so let's take this to a different level. Yes, Jose Altuve is an All-Star and a starter at that, but when Carlos Correa was called up to the Astros big club, it gave the city of Houston, two stars and a rising one that has the chance to be the best in the game in short order.

Watt. Harden. Correa.

No town can honestly touch that trio at all. The only hope is that the Wizards sign Kevin Durant in the off-season and RGIII becomes the football throwing wizard he was as a rookie. Then, Washington DC could boast Bryce Harper, Durant and RGIII.

But, Sunday evening, the city of Houston's trio took a backseat to the perhaps the best player in HER respective sport.

Yes, I said her.

USA star Carli Lloyd, a member of the Houston Dash of the NWSL, scored a hat trick, one of only two players, men or women, in the history of the World Cup to do so in a final. Lloyd's three goals helped the US to a 5-2 win, the USA's third World Cup title and the first since 1999. She was clearly brilliant throughout the event, earning the Golden Ball trophy for being the best player of the tournament. Her third goal, a blast from midfield, will be replayed for years. She has only been able to play in three games for the Dash due to her national team schedule but she'll return to the team soon and complete the Houston quartet.

What city can boast of a lineup like this?


One. This one.

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