Breakfast: Watt ranked 16th in MMQB's Top 100

Number 99 is...number 16.

Texans defensive end J.J. Watt was recently ranked as the 16th most influential person for the 2015 season according to Peter King's football vertical, The list, which includes players, executives and outside personnel, is being unveiled over the course of a month on the website.

You can see part of Watt's write up below.

"There are only a handful of genuine superstars in the NFL, and J.J. Watt is the only one not being paid to throw the ball. How dynamic is the fifth-year pro? Dynamic enough to achieve that superstardom while playing the inconspicuous 3-4 defensive end position for a mid-tier franchise that appears on national TV two, maybe three times a year. And it's superstardom deriving not from Watt's on-air personality or off-field life—both adequately interesting but far from fascinating—but, rather, strictly from his on-field performance, which is nothing short of extraordinary."

Watt is ranked ahead of San Diego quarterback Phillip Rivers and New York cornerback Darrelle Revis and is the highest rated defensive player to this point.

The MMQB's top 100 isn't the only list Watt will appear on, as the NFL's Top 100 will come to a close tonight at 7 pm CT on the NFL Network. As part of a two hour special, the NFL's list (compiled from players' opinions) will unveil the final 10 athletes. Watt is expected to be among the group, but where he falls in the top 10 is unknown at this point. You can tune in tonight (or follow us on social media) to find out.

No matter where he ranks on the list, as always we will have complete coverage on

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