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Breakfast: What's new at NRG Stadium this season


Fans won't just see new starters at quarterback and running back when they come to NRG Stadium this season.

In addition to new players, Texans fans will also enjoy a new and improved in-stadium experience.

On Tuesday, the Texans and Aramark, the team's exclusive food, beverage, merchandise and facilities partner, introduced new menus and merchandise, expanded celebrity chef offerings and enhanced WiFi complimentary of XFINITY for the upcoming season.

Texans president Jamey Rootes and Aramark district manager Joel Nash introduced the upgrades as fans got a chance to sample new food items, tour stadium renovations and experience the improved WiFi.

The Texans and Aramark enhanced the in-stadium experience for fans by introducing new menus and merchandise, expanding celebrity chef offerings and enhancing Wi-Fi complimentary of XFINITY at NRG Stadium.

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