Breakfast: Who's more country than Ben Jones?


Who's more country than Ben Jones?

No one, right?

By now, you've heard his southern drawl as the Texans center regales a story of puking on a ball before a Georgia football game on this week's "Hard Knocks." Born and raised in Centreville, Ala., Jones enjoys hunting, eating live bugs, and long barefoot walks on the football field before each game.

However, there's one person that Jones considers even more country than himself.

That would be Texarkana native Ryan Mallett.

Jones says he sometimes has to translate what Mallett is saying for the rest of his offensive linemen. Whether it's the slang or the drawl, something is getting lost in translation. A pro in speaking 'country,' Jones steps up and handles the situation.

"Mallet is a little bit more country, so I hear a little slang turning, and I can hear that a little more," Jones said on Texans Radio. "That's about it though. Every once in a while, you hear something like, 'What did he just say?' and I say, 'I got it. We are rolling. We are good.'"

When I asked Mallett about this, he seemed genuinely surprised and yet delighted.

"Yeah, I was not aware of that but I'm glad Ben can decipher my Morse Code or whatever it is," Mallett said, laughing.

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