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Breakfast: Will Fuller V's return to Indianapolis


Floating through the NFL Scouting Combine's media area, I heard the announcement come over the loud-speaker.

"Will Fuller V will be going to table 5."

Every single Combine attendee is required to have a media session to answer any and all questions from the throng of media in attendance. I had been enthralled with the Notre Dame star throughout his 2015 All-America campaign, but knew he wasn't going to be holding court as some did during those media sessions. He wasn't the most voracious talker in the world, like many of his counterparts at the Combine. I was a bit curious why he didn't get a podium session, but I was pleased that I could get over to sit at the table and hear what he had to say.

One thing you notice at the Combine is the type of story or angle media members are working on at the moment. One media member went to each of the tables to ask what the players thought they were going to run the 40-yard dash. He popped in like a thief in the night, jumped in and asked the same question at each table.

"What's your prediction on the 40-yard dash?"

Nearly everyone gave a range.

"I don't know, somewhere in the 4.3 range."

"I'm hoping for 4.2 tomorrow."

When he asked Will the repeated question, I happened to be sitting right next to the Irish receiver. It was sort of annoying because Will was answering questions from one person who had a back and forth going and then this joker just jumped in. But, Will didn't bat an eye.


When the guy followed up with a comment about that being relatively exact, Will said that's what he'd been running in practice leading up to the event. Will turned out to be wrong, actually, when he ran a blazing 4.32 two days later.

That was the last time many of us were up in Lucas Oil Stadium and, not surprisingly, this weekend, Fuller heads back to Indiana, home of his alma mater, as a significant key to this game against the Indianapolis Colts. He was active for the first meeting against the Colts but due to a leg injury, he didn't play in that game. This time, though, that 4.32 speed on the speedy turf of Lucas Oil Stadium could be the equalizer against this Colts defense. Since he's been back from injury, he's seen more targets come his way the past few weeks.

He won't be asked to make any predictions as he returns to Indianapolis this time, but he'll need to flash his wheels again for this Texans offense to make a statement in this key AFC South battle.

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