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BWTB: 11 good quotes about J.J. Watt


Defensive end J.J. Watt was a force of nature on Sunday in the win over Washington. His name littered the stat sheet, as he tallied a sack, a blocked point after try, a fumble recovery, a tackle for a loss and five quarterback hits.

After, he spoke about the win. But it's interesting to look at the quotes about him, from both sides of the field, for some further perspective on the afternoon.

Below are 11 quotes from a wide range of participants.

1. Texans Chairman/CEO Bob McNair: "J.J. was unbelievable. I mean, what can you say? He just did everything. I guess the only thing he didn't do was intercept a pass and run it back. That's about the only thing he didn't do."

2. Head coach Bill O'Brien: "Watt is obviously a hell of a football player, there's no other way to put it. He plays a lot of different spots on the line, he has the ability to disrupt the game, he plays within the scheme, he's a great teammate, and there's not too much more you can say about him. He's just a great player."

3. Washington QB Robert Griffin, III: "He is a phenomenal player"

4. ILB Brian Cushing: "Anytime he steps on the field, special things are going to happen. That's the kind of player he is."

5. Washington OT Trent Williams: "I mean of course J.J. Watt is going to make some plays, but

he's going to do that."

6. WR Andre Johnson: "Man, I don't think there's a word that can really describe J.J. He affects the game in so many ways, whether it's knocking down passes or sacking the quarterback or just even causing confusion on the play. That's why he was rewarded the way he was. He deserves every penny of it. I'm just happy he's on my team and I don't have to go against him."

7. CB Johnathan Joseph: "That's what we expect out of J.J. Nothing different."

8. S Kendrick Lewis: "It was amazing. I always was a fan of the guy. I've seen the dude in practice, but to see it in the game, the guy is the real deal."

9. NT Jerrell Powe: "The guy comes in every day and is outworking everybody. He comes in early and stays late. It shows why he should be the highest paid defensive end."

10. S D.J. Swearinger: "He's the man, he just got the 'hundred mil' (million). He got it for a reason, you can see that."

11. RB Alfred Blue: "He just hypes up the whole team. When one player makes a big play or stop, it gets everybody riled up.


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