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BWTB: A New Look Homepage

!Did you notice anything different when you looked at yesterday?

Your eyes weren't decieving you.

On Monday (late Sunday night actually) we launched a new look to the Houston Texans home on the internet, a project that hopes to better enhance your experience while visiting our page. The changes may seem drastic, but the strategic moves we made hope to combine your familiarity with new features, the end goal being a more user friendly 

The redesign begins at the top, with a smaller centerpiece image and scroll that features the top news of the day. In our previous setup, the pictures spanned the width of the computer screen, providing a flashy image but not as much substance. We've now added a "headlines" module to the right, allowing for Texans fans to get double the amount of stories about their favorite team the moment they open The need for scrolling down to read more is gone, giving you a real-time news feed that is constantly updated throughout the day. Favorites such as our Texans Radio player and the gamecenter strip remain in the same place, allowing fans to see and hear about the Texans and their upcoming matchups the same way they always have. 

TexansTV and photo galleries will own a bigger piece of real estate, as we can now feature up to 10 different videos and photos galleries on the home page. That's over 200 percent more than we could in the past, which comes in handy during a big Texans event or game. For example, during Sunday's contest with Jacksonville, there were nine different videos published to the website. This new layout guarantees that at least six of them will be on our home page at all times. It makes it easier for you to consume our content. That's what we are striving for.

Other features include a new tickets module, site alerts and adding the official Texans twitter feed to the page. The site alert has already come in handy, as it is being used this week to remind fans of the time change for Sunday's game against the New England Patriots. The twitter feed provides the latest behind the scenes information all in one spot.  

We know you come to to get news, photos and videos about this organization. Our goal was to make the process better.

We feel like this is a step in the right direction.

We hope you enjoy it. If anyone has suggestions or comments, hit me up on Twitter (@EricSan). I always welcome feedback. We can always improve.


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