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Houston Texans

BWTB: Bill O'Brien talks Ben Roethlisberger


The Houston Texans face the Pittsburgh Steelers in Monday Night Football on Oct. 20. During his Wednesday press conference, Texans head coach Bill O'Brien highlighted a few of the reasons Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is a main focus for the defense:

1. "Size is a big part of it. He's big."
'Big Ben' stands 6'5" and weighs in at 241 lbs.

2. "He's got a strong arm."
*Roethlisberger has a 63.4 percent career completion rate and has thrown for 227 total touchdowns in his 11 seasons.


2."He's played a lot of great football in this league."
*The two-time Pro Bowler has a career quarterback rating of 92.6, and reached 25,000 passing yards in 3,109 passes, which is the second-fastest in NFL history (Kurt Warner, 3,076).

3.  "He's a Super Bowl winning quarterback."
*Twice. In Super Bowl XLIII, the signal caller led Pittsburg to a 21-10 victory over the Seattle Seahawks. Roethlesberger and the Steelers also edged the Arizona Cardinals 27-23 to claim the franchise's sixth NFL Championship three years later.

4."Tough to sack."
Texans defensive end J.J. Watt spoke on Wednesday about the team's recent lapse in pass-rush, saying, "I always want more pressure on the quarterback and that's my job. So, yeah, put that on me."

"He's just a very difficult quarterback to go against," O'Brien said of Roethlisberger, "and our guys are working very hard for that challenge and looking forward to Monday night."

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