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BWTB: Crennel on Clowney timetable


Ever since South Carolina's Pro Day, Jadeveon Clowney and Romeo Crennel have been linked together.

The former's performance that morning in Columbia, in union with his three years of heroics as a Gamecock made his selection by the Texans a near inevitability.

The latter was in attendance at that spring Pro Day, and even conducted a drill in which Clowney ran.

Now they've been together with the Texans through almost three weeks of Oranized Team Activities (OTAs).

While Crennel termed the first overall pick's progress as a "fine", he said Clowney still has quite a way to go.

"He's still a rookie and I tell everyone, rookies are making rookie mistakes," Crennel said. "That is what they do. Until he can get settled and feel confident in all of his assignments, and then he can become reactive, then I think he will show better at that time."

The veteran defensive coordinator praised Clowney as being "studious" and eager to "learn the system". How rapidly Clowney can mentally absorb the defense will ultimately determine when he'll hit the field.

"There is no real timetable," Crennel said. "We're going to teach him as hard as we can and if he studies as hard as he can, then it will be sooner rather than later."

The Texans have Wednesday off. They'll conclude OTAs on Thursday and Friday, and hold a three-day minicamp next week.


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