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Houston Texans

BWTB: First Pick Fever Rolls On


There's less than one week to go until the draft. And we still have no clue what the Texans will do. Sure there's a feeling out there in the media-ville that Jadeveon Clowney is the chalk pick. And why not? He's probably the best player (or talent) on the board. But Rick Smith made it perfectly clear Thursday that he's willing to move if the offer is right.

Of course he didn't say what it would take.

The last time Houston had the number one pick, Reggie Bush was the consensus favorite, according to the pundits. Mario Williams was hardly a glint in any observer's eye until the night before the draft.

A lot of media types are comparing Jadeveon Clowney to Williams. But as far as true positioning comparisons go, Clowney's counterpart is Reggie Bush, as the player people figure the Texans will take.
Is there a Mario Wiliams type of surprise coming? And who would it be? Even Khalil Mack is getting some ink as a possibility. Auburn All-Everything Tackle Greg Robinson might be a candidate. Or maybe a player we've all sort of written off in the top spot. Teddy Bridgewater or Blake Bortles anyone? Maybe Johnny Manziel himself would be the ultimate surprsie at this point.

You have to be impressed with the way the Texans have kept all their cards to their chest. There have been no real leaks and most of the reports on their preferences are either reporter perpetuated or misinterpretations of quotes.

If you take Bill O'Brien's word for it, it appears Houston has interest in some of the so-callled second-tier quarterbacks. But that may be a reach. The bottom line is that the man who gets the first hug from Roger Goodell Thursday is still a big mystery. Which is amazing considering we've had four months to figure it out.

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