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BWTB: HTC "Sassy 16" unveiled


Onto Round 2 we go.

The 'Sassy 16" swimsuit calendar shots were revealed yesterday as the "Pick the Pic" Cheerleader Bracket continues into Round 2. Eight pairs of HTC alumni spanning the history of the Texans franchise advanced to the round of 16.

There have 150,000 votes cast since the bracket's creation last week. You can continue to vote for your all-time favorite alumni photos to see who will emerge victorious from the Battle Red, Deep Steel Blue, Liberty White and Wild Card divisions.

On Monday the "Elegant Eight" will be decided as we narrow it down to the "Phenomenal Four" just in time for Houston Texans Cheerleader Tryouts. Voting is unlimited, so return to the polls to send your favorite calendar girl to the next round.

Vote in the "Pick the Pic" bracket here.

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