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BWTB: Insight into Bill O'Brien

Last Wednesday's Pro Timing Day at the University of South Carolina was all about defensive end Jadeveon Clowney. The possible first pick in the NFL Draft, he impressed during his agility drills.

But ESPN analyst and former New England linebacker Tedy Bruschi shared some insight on former Patriots' assistant Bill O'Brien.

Now the head coach of the Texans, O'Brien's system is one that Bruschi believes will succeed. He thinks the former Patriot soaked up some positive aspects of Bill Belichick, while ultimately remaining

true to his own ideas.

"What I always repsected about Billy O was that, even though he was from the Belichick (coaching) tree, he could still break away and put his own individuality on a team," Bruschi said. "I think that's what's going to make him succeed. The fact that, he's not trying to copy what was done in New England. He is going to try to make it original in terms of the Billy O'Brien system and I think he'll do a good job of that."

Bruschi also said O'Brien will blend an intense "mentality that you need to run a team" while also being "very fan-friendly."

As a coach, according to Bruschi, O'Brien will be hard-nosed.

"He's not some nice guy coming in," Bruschi said. "He's a guy that can appeal to you on a lot of different levels. The most important thing that's there, is the ability to lead a team."

O'Brien and the Texans began offseason workouts on Monday, and got a two-week head start on teams that didn't change head coaches for 2014.


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