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BWTB: J.J. Watt buys mom awesome gift

After resorting to Google to ask 'What do rich people buy?' and having little interest in the search results (islands, luxury yachts, etc.), Texans defensive end J.J. Watt finally spent a little chunk of that contract money.

Not on himself (obviously), but on his mother, Connie. For her birthday, Watt surprised Connie with a brand new Range Rover, complete with a red bow.

"I told her in the card, I said growing up on TV I saw all the commercials with red bows on them at Christmas time," Watt said. "And I always thought to myself, 'who can do that? Who can just buy a whole car for somebody's birthday or for Christmas and then put a bow on it in the driveway?'"

Well, you can, J.J. You can.

"I was like, could you imagine if you could do that for somebody how awesome that would be? My whole life my parents have made sacrifices for me and they've done everything. They've made it so that my brothers have had opportunities to have success. To be able to give back to her and surprise her like that, and to see; my brother got me a nice video of her when she first saw it, there is really no better feeling in the world than that. Just being able to take care of your family, to take care of those that are closest to you. No better way to spend my money than that."

Watt's AFC Defensive Player of the Week selection for his performance vs. Buffalo was announced on the same day. Not a bad Wednesday for the Watt family.

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