BWTB: J.J. Watt learns teenage slang


Love it or hate it (or completely confused by it), the word 'bae' has been thrown around quite a bit lately in the social media circuit. Though its exact origins are unknown, the word is used mainly by the younger demographic as a pet name for their significant other.

Urban dictionary defines 'bae' as: used by people on the internet who think it means baby, sweetie etc. Ex.: *Bae I love u so much; Brian, my bae.
Over the past few months the Texans Twitter and Instagram feeds have been bombarded with comments calling players 'bae' on a daily basis. We've also noticed a few other accounts using the term, including Major League Soccer.

On Wednesday, @houstontexans retweeted a young fan who simply stated "JJ Watt is bae (heart face emoji, heart face emoji, heart face emoji)".

That stirred quite a reaction from one J.J. Watt.

Well, J.J., totes means totally. As for the definition of 'bae', the world may never know. But leave it to some of our trusty followers to chime in with their own interpretations:

@JJWatt @Jones36 @HoustonTexans @samyarnell Isn't BAE.... a govt. contractor? — Ryan White (@RTWhitePR) January 7, 2015

Someone help @JJWatt out. Bae meaning "babe" or "sweetie". Totes is another way of saying "totally". — jenn. (@JennNoJuice) January 7, 2015

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