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BWTB: Keeping Up with Duane Brown


In a recent interview with the 'Mad Radio Show' on Houston's SportsRadio 610, Texans left tackle Duane Brown talked at length about the team's hiring of head coach Bill O'Brien. The former All-Pro also commented on the team's coaching staff changes and the new challenges facing the Texans in 2014.

Though Brown did not join fellow teammates Chris Myers and Brian Cushing in the audience of O'Brien's introductory press conference last Friday, he was conversant to the events that transpired.

"I paid a little bit of attention to it," Brown said. "I was definitely aware of the progress that was being made, and I knew within the minute it was announced."

One of O'Brien's first acts as head coach was releasing 16 assistant coaches from the organization. Brown, who is on vacation, has been unable to speak with the departing coaches, but did get a chance to talk with his new head coach.

"He's very quiet to the media," Brown said of O'Brien. "I think he's very about his business, upfront, frank. He seems like a pretty good coach, a pretty good guy. I'm excited to work for him and for next season."

Looking toward the future, Brown does not believe that O'Brien needs to give the Texans a confidence boost. Though the team ended the season 2-14, the Pro Bowler says the optimistic attitude he saw in the locker room never wavered. 

"I think our team is very mentally tough. We lost some games but it wasn't like we gave up. No one's going to have that mentality coming in. We have a clean slate, and we know what kind of talent we have on the team."

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