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BWTB: Learning in L.A.

When you read this…I will be asleep.

It won't be because I'm on vacation, or because I overslept and I'm late for work.

It will be because at the time this story posts on at 6 am CT, it will be 4 am where I'll be….in Los Angeles, California.

This week the NFL hosts their 'Digital Media Summit', a gathering of the league's digital personnel to share ideas and unveil new technologies. The summit is a three-day event held in the heart of downtown at 'L.A. Live', with league brass and team employees getting the ball rolling on the digital side for the upcoming 2014 season.

For those unfamiliar,'s offices are on the West Coast, including the studios that shoot the shows you watch on the NFL Network (NFL AM, NFL All-Access). Those offices aren't to be confused with the league offices, which are on Park Avenue in New York City.

From the Houston Texans perspective, four of us are making the trip to represent the team. Joining chief boss Marc Vandermeer are Kara Cook, Jay McDevitt and myself, covering several different aspects of our team's digital strategy.

Marc, in addition to his more famous duty of being the voice of the Texans, oversees our department. Kara (social media), Jay (video coordinator) and myself round out the squad headed to California, as three days of presentations and panel discussion awaits.

I'll report back on what we learn, which you'll likely start to see in the future on

So, enjoy your morning and keep it down. I'm still trying to sleep. 

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