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BWTB: Most Memorable Plays

ESPN recently asked viewers what the three most memorable plays in Texans history were. In fact they did it for all the NFL teams. The plays were the J.J. Watt 'pick 6' against Cincinnati in the first playoff win, Billy Miller's TD against the Cowboys for the first score in team history. And the infamous 'Rosencopter' fumble against the Colts in 2008.

I will certainly put Watt's play first but my personal list is a tad different. It's interesting how negative and positive plays have made so many teams' top 3 lists. Seeing as how I've been known as the Norman Vincent Peale of sports talk radio, I'll keep it positive for now.

First of all, the 19-10 win over Dallas was a magnificent night. And Miller's TD was, no doubt, historic. But it was the sack of Quincy Carter to ice the game that will be remembered the most. When I reminisce with Texans fans about that night, the Carter sack tends to come up more than anything and currently sits at third on my list.

After Watt, I will go with the T.J. Yates to Kevin Walter touchdown in 2011 to beat the Bengals and earn the first playoff berth in team history. Maybe because I was there calling the action. Or maybe because we will always remember the highlight reel 80 yard drive with no time outs. But that play will forever be etched in my brain. Moments later, we were in the broadcast booth, doing the post game show, watching the final moments of the Titans' loss to New Orleans for the clinching moment. It was exhilarating and unforgettable.

To be fair, there are unfortunately numerous painful memories as well. These are sometimes fun to talk about as sports therapy. It's part of being a fan to feel the emotions with the ups and downs of your squad.

If I had to list the top three in this category, the Rosenfels fumble would be there but not at the top. That distinction belongs to the Vince Young 39 yard overtime run that beat the Texans in 2006. That was tough day that took a while to get over. My number two, Richard Sherman's 'pick 6' caused much more damage, lowlighting the 2013 implosion that resulted in a coaching change. But the VY score felt worse at the time. Many of you will bring up the losses to the Jags and the Jets in 2010 but those didn't carry the same sting as my 'bottom' three.

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