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BWTB: O'Brien, Marrone share love of sarcasm

Texans head coach Bill O'Brien admits that Buffalo Bills head coach Doug Marrone has the upper hand... when it comes to sarcasm.

O'Brien would know, as he and Marrone go way back.

The two worked together on staff at Georgia Tech from 1996-1999. During that stretch, O'Brien went from a graduate assistant to assistant head coach while Marrone worked with the Yellow Jackets' tight ends and offensive line. Together they helped the Rambling Wreck to appearances in three straight bowl games.

But the tandem's connections aren't restricted to the football field.

"He's known my wife longer than me," O'Brien said of Marrone during a press conference on Wednesday. "When he coached at Northeastern, my wife worked in the athletic department at that time for the sports information director. She actually introduced him to his wife, and she was afraid that she wouldn't like him, but she went ahead and did it anyway. Touché, mon frère."

In addition to their shared history, O'Brien and Marrone share the same appetite for dry humor. During his conference call with Houston media, Marrone entertained by playfully poking fun at his former colleague.

"Now you know why he doesn't have many friends," O'Brien laughed. "Those of us that are his friends, we try to stick by him through thick and thin."

Media members were quick to mention Marrone's jab that he was friends with O'Brien's wife, never with O'Brien.

"Exactly true," O'Brien retorted. "I would say the exact same thing about him. His wife is a lot cooler than him."

All joking aside, O'Brien has nothing but respect for his fellow NFL head coach and will certainly enjoy their reunion this Sunday at NRG Stadium.

"From the day you met him, he's a very blunt, very honest guy," O'Brien said. "That's why, in all seriousness, that's why he's a good friend. He is a good friend, but you have to know him. You have to know him really well to be his friend because he's very direct and he tells you the truth. I think that's why the both of us are friends."


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