BWTB: Paging Moses Lake, Washington

The town of Moses Lake, Wash., has a population of 20,366 people.

Apparently one (or perhaps many) is a huge Texans fan.

According to the town website, Moses Lake is the largest city in Grant County, and sits 177 miles east of Seattle (so says Google). The city news section of is headlined by dog license renewal, and the calendar reminds that the indoor futsal registration deadline is today.

The page has several pictures of the town covered in snow, with picturesque mountain ranges off in the distance. The images are pretty much the exact opposite of Houston, Texas.

But the numbers tell a different story.

In the past year, people from the town of Moses Lake visited over 126,000 times. That's higher than San Diego (CA), Arlington (TX), El Paso (TX) and Philadelphia (PA). The town ranks 46th overall, which is impressive when you consider 35 cities in that list are in Texas. Whether it is just one person, or a group, Moses Lake visited the website six times more than its total population.

It isn't just the website either.

Texans 24, our non-stop team radio channel, is always frequented by Moses Lake. There is a map tool that shows where fans are listening from, and nearly every day there is a 'dot' on that part of Washington.

So, to whomever you (or they) are, thank you so much for your support. Also, let us know who you are. You can either contact me on Twitter (@EricSan), or leave a comment below. We want to make a trip to one of our biggest Texans fan hotbeds in the state of Washington.

Moses Lake or bust.

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