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BWTB: Pick the 2014 Squad


On Saturday, April 5, 1,000 beautiful and talented ladies auditioned to be a part of the 2014 Houston Texans Cheerleader squad. The bass-bumping, highly-attended event lasted late into the evening, and after hours of choreography and deliberation, the field was narrowed down to the final 52.

"I'm always honored because so many people show up for our tryout," said Alto Gary, Houston Texans Cheerleading coach. "We have the largest NFL tryout and every year we keep breaking that record, so I'm always grateful for that. We have the top caliber of choices, so I really feel that my third round could be on anyone's cheer team throughout the league."

Though the sometimes stressful process of selecting the official squad is not quite over, Gary is already looking toward the 2014 season and all the surprises she has in store.

"I'm excited about this season because we have a lot of new and exciting things we are going to do. It's just waiting on the tip of my tongue to tell the fans and to tell the girls. They're going to be jumping up and screaming once they find out some things, so I'm really excited about what's next."

Who would you like to see as a 2014 Houston Texans Cheerleader? Submit your vote for the final squad, which will be unveiled at a special ceremony on April 16.

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