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BWTB: QBs Feeling the heat

The temperature has been climbing into the 90s at OTAs this week and the heat is on the quarterbacks and coaching staff as time runs out on off season practice with four sessions left.

Soon, we will be in what I call "the desert." That's the five weeks between off season practice and training camp. Players will work out, but on their own. And coaches will be off, getting some much needed rest before the long haul of the season officially begins.

Bill O'Brien recently said the QB competition is "wide open" and the four contenders were "progressing at the same rate."

That doesn't mean they're all even. Ryan Fitzpatrick has a truckload more game experience than the others. Tom Savage was drafted this year. T.J. Yates and Case Keenum have logged starter's snaps with the franchise. The pecking order is officially known only by the organization and no one is showing their cards just yet.

Of course Fitzpatrick has the edge but that doesn't mean he has tenure. And the first decision might not be who starts but who gets cut from the bottom of the depth chart. Do they bring all four to camp or go with three?

O'Brien himself recently said that it would be tough to get four QBs reps. He's working it out now but once camp hits, it's down to the nitty gritty to prepare to set sail in the regular season. With Fitzpatrick and Savage virtual locks to make the team, it could come down to Keenum and Yates.

The two holdovers competed last year to be the number two quarterback. Now they're competing to stay on the roster.

Quarterback is no different than a lot of other position groups on this squad. Competition is pushing all these players to be at their best. Jobs are on the line and the drama is about to really heat up.

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