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BWTB: Records for 2014 Texans opponents


The 2014 NFL schedule won't come out until the middle or late part of April. But each team knows it's respective home and road opponents. Thanks to the Texans' media relations department, below is a table showing the 2013 records of the teams Houston will face next season.


Division Team


Road Record
NFC East Eagles 10-6      6-2
Redskins 3-13      1-7
AFC North Ravens 8-8      2-6
Bengals 11-5      3-5
AFC East Bills 6-10      2-6
AFC South Colts* 11-5      5-3
Jaguars 4-12      3-5
Titans 7-9      4-4
TOTAL 60-68     26-38


Division Team  2013
Home Record
NFC East Cowboys 8-8       5-3
Giants 7-9       4-4
AFC North Browns 4-12       3-5
Steelers 8-8       5-3
AFC West Raiders 4-12       3-5
AFC South Colts* 11-5       6-2
Jaguars 4-12       1-7
Titans 7-9       3-5

TOTAL 53-75     30-34

  • Denotes playoff team in 2013.

Some key takeaways: by virtue of their NFL-worst 2-14 record last season, the Texans will get the last-place teams from the AFC West and the AFC East. They're locked into playing their AFC South rivals at home and away, and they'll also play a pair of AFC North and NFC East teams at home. They'll play the other teams from the latter two divisions on the road as well.

So that means they'll face just one playoff team, the Colts, on the road next season.

They'll host three playoff teams in the Eagles, Bengals and Colts.


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