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BWTB: Super Rookies



Have no fear, the Rookies are here!

A few Texans newcomers had some fun at the TORO's Kid's Club Cookies & Rookies event on Monday. Houston Texans Cheerleaders, TORO and 100 kids took in a night of games, snacks and spooky storytelling at the Houston Methodist Training Center.

But what stole the show were the costume-clad rooks who showed up as their favorite Superheroes. Shall we analyze their Halloween fashion? Yes. Yes, we shall.

Jay Prosch
Is he even wearing a suit, or did he just paint himself green? The world may never know. But his purple Capri pants are really pushing the fashion envelope and deserve a golf clap.

Alfred Blue
"It's a bird! It's a plane! Nope, it's (You're my boy!) Blue." The running back, dressed as Superman, even nails the iconic Man of Steel pose. And please note that Blue is clad in blue. That's at least 15 points for word play alone.

Andre Hal
"Na-na-na-na-na-na-na ANDRE HAL!" Enough said.

Travis Labhart
This rookie wide receiver is really stepping it up for Old Glory. As Captain America, he's both patriotic and courageous. Just look at that power stance! Though his lack of shield causes him to lose some street cred. He'd be rendered completely defenseless in a battle against Hulk Prosch, so he better not make him angry. "You won't like me when I get angry," whispers Prosch.

Who wore it best? Submit your answer in the comments section below. Or don't. Happy Halloween!

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