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BWTB: Test Your Texans IQ

So you think you know your Texans history? Try this quiz and test your knowledge.

1.    Who scored the first touchdown in franchise history?

A.    Corey Bradford
B.    James Allen
C.    Billy Miller
D.    Andre Johnson

2.    The Texans won how many games their inaugural season?

A.    2
B.    4
C.    3
D.    5

3.    The Texans have never lost to which one of the following teams?

A.    Detroit
B.    Philadelphia
C.    Miami
D.    Buffalo

4.    Which of the following Texans draft choices has never been to a Pro Bowl?

A.    Owen Daniels
B.    Jerome Mathis
C.    Dunta Robinson
D.    Duane Brown

5.    Arian Foster has the top two seasons for rushing yards  in team history (1,616 – 2010, 1,424 – 2012). Who had the third best total?

A.    Ron Dayne
B.    Steve Slaton
C.    Domanick Williams (Davis)
D.    Arian Foster

6.    Which player holds the Texans record for most interceptions in a season?

A.    Marcus Coleman
B.    Dunta Robinson
C.    Johnathan Joseph
D.    Aaron Glenn

7.    Which quarterback holds the record for most consecutive completions in franchise history?

A.    Case Keenum
B.    David Carr
C.    Sage Rosenfels
D.    Matt Schaub

8.    What team did the Texans beat to clinch their first winning season?

A.    Jacksonville
B.    Cincinnati
C.    Miami
D.    New England

9.    The Texans first ever preseason win was against which team?

A.    New Orleans
B.    Kansas City
C.    Tampa Bay
D.    New York Giants

10.  Including Romeo Crennel, how many defensive coordinators have the Texans had?

A.    4
B.    3
C.    2
D.    5

4-6 Correct – You're doing well but need work
7-9 Correct – You're a super-knowledgeable Texans Fan
10 Correct – You should apply for a job here!

5.b (1,282-2008)
6.a (7-2003)
7.b (22-2006 vs Buffalo)
8.d (2009 Finale)
9.a (13-10, 2002)
10.d (Vic Fangio, Richard Smith, Frank Bush, Wade Phillips, Crennel)

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