BWTB: Texans Spotify playlist

Miss Texans football yet?

While the 2014 season is behind us, you can take a little part of it with you.

The music.

Thanks to Spotify, the Texans 'Pump Up' playlist is now available for fans to 'follow' as they listen to music using the service. The playlist has 52 songs and features top artists such as Rick Ross, Iggy Azalea and even Taylor Swift. This collection of songs is a compilation of our weekly Texans playlist (presented by Bose) which you can see here.

The idea of a Texans playlist started with head coach Bill O'Brien. During training camp, O'Brien began playing music during various parts of practice, and it got us thinking. Texans insider Deepi Sidhu compiled the first ever 'Bill O'Brien playlist', ripped right from the speakers at the Methodist Training Center.

Over the course of the season, we added to the list. We started including gameday music played at NRG Stadium, which comes directly from the Texans players. Then, it went a step further, as the digital department (yours truly included) began to solicit requests from around the Texans organization. It became a Friday theme, as employees (mostly interns) sent in requests for that week's selection.

This final list is a culmination of all those efforts, and now it is all yours to listen to at your leisure. Maybe it will make football come back faster.

If for some reason your work network won't let you see the playlist below, you can search 'Texans Pump Up Playlist' and follow us at houston_texans on Spotify.

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