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BWTB: Texans Yearbook preview


Almost everything about the 2014 Houston Texans is different than the squad you knew eight months ago.

From the stadium renaming to a fresh-faced coaching staff to the newly adopted "Team First"/ "No Nonsense" mentality, it's safe to say we are entering an entirely revised era of Houston football.

To that end, it's only fitting that this year's Texans Yearbook reflects the considerable shift in culture. As managing editor of print publications, I just tied a metaphorical bow on the 196-page keepsake and sent it off to our friendly neighborhood printer.

Some of the things to look forward to in this year's edition:

Who is Bill O'Brien?
Texans analyst (or as I like to refer to him as "Football Wizard") John Harris provides fans with an in-depth look at the team's new head guy. Harris, O'Brien's former teammate at Brown University and close friend, shares some personal anecdotes and unique insight on Houston's relatively unknown coach. Harris' profile delves into Bill O'Brien the man, while also offering a glimpse at the type of coaching style we'll see in the coming season.!

"He has old school values. He loves 'The Team'. He pushes. He goads… Selflessness and belief in the team are paramount in his world. Players love that about him." –Harris on O'Brien

More photos, less text
In my opinion, the best part about the new and improved yearbook is the addition of more photos. Who doesn't like to flip through actions shots of Brian Cushing's game-changing pick 6, J.J. Watt's broken, bloodied face and DeAndre Hopkins' phenomenal overtime touchdown catch?

Also, more photos means more Houston Texans Cheerleaders.

What was previously the "Texans Timeline" page is now the "Texans Photo History" section. This 10-page editorial spread features photographs from monumental moments over the course of franchise history. We take you on a journey back in time from the day professional football returned to Houston all the way to the hiring of the O'Brien regime—all in picture form.

The Texans Yearbook also includes front office, coaching staff and player biographies, offense, defense and rookie features, trivia questions, an HTC poster and more. Look for it during the second week of Texans training camp, available at the Go Texan Store and online at 

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